Ettumana Karanayil Madom Ancient Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva Maha Manthrikam Temple

Kovindacharyan is the founder of Karanayil Madom, Ettumana.Before the arrival of Aryas, Sree vishnumaya Chathan Swamy with nickname as Chathan whom was worshiped by Gothra Vargas and Dravidians, the rulers of this land was made appeared by strong meditation by Kovindacharyan. There is a mythology behind the story of translation of little kid Kovindan to Kovindacharyan. It is related to the reign of the Ettumana and Nalumana thamburakanmar..
There were no major changes happened after the failure of the land lord kings. There were crisis and troubles everywhere. Even the neighbour lands became inappropriate for accommodation In order to compensate the crisis, Ettumana and Nalumana kings decided to cultivate the land to get yield. Ever after months, none of the plants were grown. Vaeliya kessunni of Karanayil Family was the magician and doctor of the palace of Ettumana thamburan. Majority of the sevamoorthis was under him. The reason behind the strength and triumph of thamburan is kessunny. He knows the reason of not getting yield and the current status of the land very well. The knowledge was shared to Thamburan also.

Naaduvaazi who was the lord of land was insulted by a cherumakidathan. People were killed as a result of its punishment. An adult devotee was also included in that. Those people were figured out as Arukula and because of that the land became in cultivatable. There were many evil spirits wandering in the land which does not allow the land to be cultivated. Naalumana Thamburan decided to remove the evil spirit from the land. Several magicians used to come in his palace for the same. But the after effects of that were known only by Kesunni and Ettumana thamburan. They always used to block the activities of Naalumana Thamburan.

The ruler of the land was an evil spirit of the devotee of Sree Chathan swamy. It was because of that strength of all ghosts was high. Separation karmam can only be performed by the one who worship the Sree Bagavan Vishnumaya chathan swamy, the container of grace of god. These worshipers must be capable of bringing swamy explicitly. In order to get the most suitable magician, Ettumana thamburan started the search for the same. He realized that the kessuni who is well equipped with the tricks was the only one who is capable of that.

In order to make the Hill gods happy, Sudham Asudhisaktheya karmam used to conduct in the forest. Kessuni doctor was the one who played main role in this activity. Forest people insist him to come for this. Malanayadi, Karinkkutti, karineeli are the moorthis which was the major contributors amount hill gods. Due to the anger of these moorthis, disease, wild animal attack etc used to occur in the forest. They consider kessuni doctor as the reflection of god since he used to do magical activities using sevamoorthis to get rid from these attacks. After these activities, he used to get several awards and honors from hill gods. Likewise he got the core slogans of karineeli mathav from karimban, the brave men of forest.

Kesunni was well aware that one who study the slogans of karineeli will only be able make appear Chathan swamy. So he went to kalladikod malavaaram deep forest for meditation even though he fights with his age. After 41 days Karineeli mathav was appeared in front of kessunni. She blessed kessunni with the strong slogans of Chathan swamy. "You and your family will become famous because of these slogans". She disappeared after saying this. Kesunni by hearted the slogans of Chathan swamy and was very happy about this. During the night he got a darsanam in dream."Dear son in order to get rid from your mental problems you have to introduce your son. And I hereby shower my blessings". After realizing everything, he sat for some time with silence. When Kessuni was staying with his son in a forest for 41 days, his wife, Kunjitheyi was alone in the home. During that time a ghost entered into her body. When the ghost left it doesn't left kunjitheyi alone. When kessunni reached home, the news of the missing of his wife hurt him a lot.

The feeling of kessunni led Ettumana kings to be sad. As per the desire of kings, kessunni started stating in the palace with her son. After hearing about the dream darsana kessuni got, the king ordered to make kovindan the worshiper of lord vishnumaya chathan.

Next day, kessuni and his son entered into the vadakkini room the onewhich was closed every time with wet dress after reciting Ganga slogan to get morning blessings.Like this was predicted before small kovindan was blessed with a happy face. kessuni made him write the first word "Ohm harisree ganapathaya namaha" in vellari. Different mentors were arranged in the palace to teach him vatezuth, koolezuth,science etc. Since kovindan has got strong brain, these were grasped into his mind within no time. Afterwards he made himself good at 108 upanishath, 10 mythologies, Bagavath geetha, Ramayanam and Mahabaratham.

After studying these kovindan started to learn martial arts. After learning both martial arts and wordings, ettumana king and kessuni decided to make aware of the task he has to complete. On the same day while having dinner, kesunni started to tell the reality to kovindan. "Dear son, you are now 14. On the 7th day of next pournami day, you have to leave the palace for a journey. It is your duty to get of rid of this land. It is the time for that".