Ettumana Karanayil Madom Ancient Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva Maha Manthrikam Temple

The annual Festival of Karanayil Sree Vishnumaya Chathan Swamy Temple known as "Thiravellat Maholsavam" falls on Febuary 3 rd and 4th, Saturday & Sunday of 2018 (1193 makaram 20 & 21) in praise of Bhagavan Chathan Swamy.

This festival with several programmes of worship lasts for three days. Many of the prayers are accompanied with atmosphere of solemnity and devotion. People from different areas come for worshipping Bhagavan Chathan Swamy.

The drawings of the floral design of Bhagavan Chathan commences on the second day after conclusion of the ritual dance intended to please the forefathers that will commence by seven in the morning. The floral design drawn in full size if touched by feet all sins accured hither to will subside is the traditional faith and large crowds eagerly assemble for the same there.

Almost all of art work of the ancient days were religious manifestations intended to please god.

Thiravellat maholsavam is the continuation of conducting ancient rituals. A lot of people from near by places and even from outside used to come for getting blessings from the god.

There are many special pooja conducted in the temple to worship god. Saktheya pushpanjali is one of the special pooja conducted in every month for the devotees. Thiravellat pooja is conducted during the annual festival of the temple. Following are the dates on which Saktheya pushpanjali is conducted in the temple for the year 1190.


Other main festivals are as follows.

  • 1190 Makaram 16,17- Thiravellat
  • 1190 Makaram 18 Roopakalam prayer
  • 1190 Edavam 10 Paatulsavam
  • 1190 Edavam 11 Roopakalam prayer
  • 1190 Thulaam 10 Patulsavam
  • 1190 Thulaam 11 Roopakalam Prayer