Ettumana Karanayil Madom


India is very rich in its Hindu mythology. It is the strong religious beliefs that make Indians go ahead. They used to give importance for respecting the temple worship. The meaning of word temple is to get rid from problems. In this modern world, it is the worship of god that gives human minds strength and happiness...

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Karanayil Madom provides several offering to the devotees. It is one of the most important places of worship for Hindus. Devotees can book the pooja online through Net banking or Debit card. Following are the main offerings.

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The annual Festival of Karanayil Sree Vishnumaya Chathan swamy temple known as "Thiravellet Maholsavam" falls on the first meenam(M.E.) (March) in praise of Bhagavan Chathan. This festival with several programmes of worship lasts for three days. Many of the prayers are...

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Ettumuna karanayil madom